Some of you are stuck on some high-end laptops and will never in this life accept anything less, right? But hey! What is that I am hearing? Is that your bank account laughing at you? No worries; I am here to shut that up.

You can get many of the expensive electronics at a lower price, and most of them come with a warranty. These are called Refurbished electronics. Just like there are thrift stores for clothing or shoe brands where people get high-quality stuff at lower rates because they were slightly used, there are refurbished phones and laptops as well as other electronics for those who love owning excellent gadgets but cannot afford them in new condition.

Some people think getting a refurbished gadget means you are opting for something damaged and out of date. But they are completely wrong. The truth is that many reconditioned devices have little or no defects! Whichever refurbished laptop you choose, a professional has checked it and fixed any damage that interferes with its operation.

First, I will tell you what a refurbished laptop actually means.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Many buyers believe that a refurbished laptop is the same as a used one but that’s not the case. A refurbished laptop is a device that has been returned for whatever reasons, examined, repaired, updated as needed, and reintroduced in the market with a warranty. All the data of the former holder is wiped out. In many situations, the refurbishment is handled by the device’s actual manufacturer which makes it trustworthy.

On the other hand, a used laptop is sold by the previous owner to any business and they sell it further without any cleaning or repair. In such cases, the chance of damage or scams increases. Also, these laptops usually come without any warranty.

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Refurbished Laptop Grades

There are three levels of refurbished laptops you are going to find.

1. A-Grade

A-grade reconditioned laptops have no major visible evidence of damage or usage and work seamlessly with relatively modern performance measurements and OS. One example is that if a person orders a brand new MacBook pro, unbox it, decides he doesn’t want it anymore because the color is not what he wanted it to be, and decides to return it to the store, they will now try to resell it in the refurbished category and label it as Grade-A.

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2. B-Grade

B-class reconditioned laptops will have a few flaws such as minor scratches on the screen that you won’t be able to notice from a distance, or maybe the letters on the keypad will be a bit faded with regular use, I call that the ‘writer’s keyboard’. This will work just fine and won’t make you regret anything.

3. C-Grade

C-class reconditioned laptops feature visible evidence of wear, an earlier OS, and maybe somewhat degraded displays. These will be the laptops used by a rough user (or maybe an over-user)

Obviously, each grade is going to have its own price range depending on the device model and quality. Anyways, price is the next thing we are going to discuss on this topic.

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Price is the main reason (and probably the only reason) why people choose a refurbished laptop. They are much more affordable than a new one and will not make you compromise on the powerful specs. On average, people are willing to spend $500 to $600 on a laptop; at this price range, a refurbished laptop will give you a bang for your buck rather than a new one.

Should you buy a refurbished laptop?

Before making this decision, take a moment out of the precious time you spend scrolling your Instagram, which is a very important task of today’s life and think about whether you trust the person/company selling the refurbished laptop.

The best thing you can do is go straight to the manufacturers and ask for a refurbished laptop because no one can repair a device better than its own producers. Companies like Dell and Apple have their own websites where they sell refurbished gadgets and deliver them to your doorstep.

There is going to be a huge difference between buying a MacBook directly from Apple and getting one from a third-party seller trying to earn some bucks. However, if you are comfortable when buying from other websites or stores, you can search for your favorite devices on Amazon refurbished or other top sites such as eBay and Gumtree.

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What should you check before purchasing a refurbished laptop?

You need basic knowledge of computers before you get one. Surf the internet or watch YouTube videos to understand as much as you can and then select one based on your knowledge (and needs). Here I am about to give you basic tips on how to save yourself from getting scammed with a refurbished laptop.

a. Buy from the trusted sellers

When you’re buying something that has been used previously, you need to be extra careful about who you’re buying from. Check reviews, ask your expert friends, and get help from Google but do make sure who you are trusting and whether can you trust them.

Keep in mind that the third-party sellers can also hand you over the stolen stuff and you’ll be stuck with something that is illegal.

b. Check the initial release date

Check the initial release date for the laptop model you’re purchasing.

Generally, a laptop will last for 3 to 5 years depending on how good or how rough the previous user was. So, it is very important to ask about the initial release to make sure the laptop is not close to its death.

c. Look at the specs

Make sure you look for the major specs when buying a pre-owned laptop. Sometimes the retailers will swap the original hardware with a less valuable one to earn more so you need to get all the information about your desired model from the internet and compare it with the one the shopkeeper is showing you. If you don’t understand this stuff, take a friend who is an expert in electronics with you so you get all the help you need.

d. Dents and scratches

A few scratches on the screen and faded letters on the keyboard are fine but there shouldn’t be too much damage. You don’t want to spend $500 on a broken screen and a damaged case.

Where to buy a refurbished laptop?

The best way to buy a refurbished laptop is, as I have said before, directly from the manufacturers. However, if the manufacturers aren’t offering refurbished devices, you can opt for trusted third-party sellers such as Amazon or eBay. Just make sure you go through the site’s guidelines to understand what warranties and profits they are providing.

Buying a refurbished device from an individual is much more unsafe than buying from a company but if you know the seller and trust them enough, you can get one from them.


Getting a refurbished laptop can be very profitable and save you a lot of bucks but only if you’re careful and get it from the right place. Best of luck with finding trustworthy people in the 21st century 😉

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