The world now works on technology and with so many other inventions; technology has also invented an uncountable number of games that have now become an addiction for people. To name one such game: we have The Epic Game Launcher in trend these days.

Almost a decade ago people only knew about, GOG Galaxy, etc. but now it seems as if every game that emerges: comes with its own new program to run it such as The Epic Game launcher, which has become a reputable launcher now.

Games have become the new escape for people, not only children but adults these days also indulge in these activities in order to seek some refreshments. However, where games can be an easy escape from reality:

they can also be very time-consuming and a distraction from the healthy activities of life. These games could cause so much damage to an individual that not only a person suffers physically but also suffers psychologically. Therefore, we need to keep a check on our routine and that’s exactly why we have come forward with this solution.

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Because why would you want to play games: when you have a whole career waiting for you?

So if you are ready: follow us through.

The Epic Game Launcher

It is basically known that The Epic Game Launcher was launched in late 2018; it is basically a platform for the administration of multimedia, which works for the Epic Games company where the video games and software are developed for the people.

The Epic Game Launcher has attracted so many users because of its unique features of offering discounts and some exclusive free games.

The epic Game launcher can be downloaded for free: nonetheless, the launcher is supported by both macOS and Windows computers. The Epic Game Launcher can be downloaded from the official website of Epic Games.

If you have downloaded the Epic Game Launcher and now you want to uninstall the program due to a change of mind. Do not panic and trust us because we are here with simple steps to help you uninstall the Epic Game Launcher.

Nevertheless kindly take note that once you start to uninstall the Epic Game Launcher, kindly make sure to close all the programs as it might cause an obstacle in the uninstallation process.

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How to Uninstall The Epic Game Launcher?

When you are ready to focus and want to get rid of other distractions like gaming, which has become a hurdle in your self-growth time.

All you need is to click on some tabs and links and you will be good to uninstall the Epic Game Launcher; a platform of digital distribution or if you want your laptop to work more efficiently because we all know how much storage and RAM consuming these games launchers could be.

These game launchers occupy so much space that even the best laptops drop their ability to work properly.

So let us walk you through some easy and efficient working steps.

The process of uninstallation will take you a few moments. However the process slightly differs for both a PC and a mac; therefore, they are explained separately.

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How To Uninstall the Epic Game Launcher From a PC?

This process will only include 4 or 5 steps at maximum.

1. Once you have switched on your PC.
2. Go for the start button, which exists in the left bottom corner of the keyboard: next to ALT.
3. Click on the start button and type ADD AND REMOVE PROGRAMS in the search bar; which will appear at the bottom of the vertically sliding menu.
4. When the ADD AND REMOVE PROGRAMS option appears in the search result; click on it.
5. A list of installed programs will appear before you.
6. Find the Epic Game Launcher.
7. And hit the Uninstall option with the right key just where you use the mouse of your PC.
8. Once you click on the UNINSTALL option, a board will open on the screen, where for the confirmation they will make sure to ask you if you are sure on not. If you want to uninstall the Epic Game Launcher: kindly opt for YES, however, if you have changed your mind then select NO.

Kindly spare some moments: while the windows work on uninstalling the Epic Game Launcher.

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How to Uninstall The Epic Game Launcher from Your MAC?

The process of installing the Epic Game Launcher is even simpler for a MAC. Please follow the steps below as we explain how to uninstall the program.

1. Once you have landed on the home page of your MAC.
2. Kindly search for the finder and open it.
3. A list of options will appear.
4. Take a look at the left sidebar and look for Applications
5. Once you see the Application, click on it.
6. The applications will let you see the list of installed programs.
7. Look for the Epic Game Launcher.
8. Once you find it, move it to the trash.
9. However, you can uninstall the program in two ways.
10. You can either drag it along to the Trashcan or you can just move it to the trash by right-clicking with the option of MOVE TO TRASH.

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However, bear in mind that once you have uninstalled the Epic Game Launcher. You will automatically lose your access to play any game that you have installed or downloaded through the launcher. Conversely, the games you have installed through other websites or launchers will not be affected by any means.

Although if you have purchased an account in the Epic Games then as long as you have your account you can reinstall the Epic game Launcher anytime and all the games in your account which have been previously uninstalled, could be reinstalled as well. The uninstallation process will only delete those files which are online without affecting any purchase.

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