800GB storage seems a lot for average users but not for my pro gamer buddies out there who will install one game and BOOM 70GB of storage occupied!

The regular PlayStation Plus games and tremendous upgrades that are frequently launched for renowned virtual games fill up storage like our foodie friend grabs pizza and within 2 minutes, the pizza is gone and you’re probably just sitting there wondering where the hell that went (because he doesn’t have any fats on him either).

You do not have to suffer from low storage when technology is getting more advanced day by day. Now that we are proceeding toward a world where we’ll live inside a game (Yes, I am talking about the metaverse), how can they disappoint the gamers?

If you aren’t happy with the storage your PS5 provides, you can use the expansion slot to give your storage capacity a boost.

Just follow my guide and you’ll be able to install the new storage.

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M.2 SSDs are speedy solid-state drive technologies that PS5 gamers can acquire to expand the capacity space of the PS5 console they own.


M.2 SSD, if placed in the PS5 system, could be utilized to install, transfer, and play PS5 and PS4 titles, and also media applications. This helps to broaden the storage capacity accessible on your PS5 system. You can transfer games easily between the PS5 console’s storage, an attached USB storage device, and the additional M.2 SSD space.

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Before we start discussing the procedure, we can just go over a few crucial points. To begin with, the PS5 is somewhat demanding, therefore many NVMe SSDs will not operate (not efficiently, at least). The following are some of the demands:

• PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD interface
• Sequential reading speed should be at least 5,500MB/s.
• M.2 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, or 22110 form factor
• Capacity range from 250GB to 4TB.
• single-sided or double heatsink cooling design
• Total dimensions, including the heatsink, should be smaller than 110mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 11.25mm (H)

To finish installing, you’ll also need a small Philips head screwdriver.

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Keep in mind

Check that your PS5 has the most recent software downloaded before turning it off and unplugging it.

You can check this by going through the ‘system software update and settings on your device. If your PS5 displays “Up to date” on the screen, you’re good.

You’ll need a tidy, hard floor and good lighting to install your SSD—ideally one that is clean and clear of any debris that can float into your console while it is exposed.

Also, you should not power on your console while the top is removed.

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Step 1

Ensure that your console is switched off. Unplug all cords before placing the PS5 on a hard surface with enough area to operate.

Step 2

Touch a metal-grounded surface to eliminate any static charge from yourself before starting with the installation or removal process. Refusal to do so could result in M.2 SSD or PS5 console harm.

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Step 3

Place your console with the PlayStation logo facing downwards and the power plug on your right.
Grab your PS5 with your left hand on the bottom left edge, and use your right hand to hold the top right-hand corner and carefully lift.

This should free the two plugs in that corner that hold the PS5 to the cover.

Then, using your left hand in the bottom left corner, slide the cover toward you until it’s entirely gone.

Step 4

Remove the little screw at the top of the cover and keep it away in the meantime. When extracting it, take care not to drop it within the fan. Slide the cover straight to the upper surface of your PS5 to release the clip, and then take it out.

When you detach the cover, you’ll notice a green section with five screw points. You can use one of these points to connect your SSD to the PS5, based on the dimensions of the SSD you bought.

Step 5

Now comes the exciting part. Take your M.2 SSD and tilt it downwards into the connectors on the right side of the slot; the bottom of the heatsink should be viewable. To bring the drive to level with the connectors, you must press it firmly.

Prior to actually nailing it in, place the spacer within the slot.

Step 6

You’re ready. Put the lid securely on, replace the console’s rear panel, and connect the system as usual.
If everything is in order, the next time you power on the PS5, you’ll get a notification instructing you to reset the M.2 SSD.

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Take advantage of the extra storage you got!

Now that your M.2 SSD is installed, I want to share how you can download games and media to that storage and how you transfer files between storage, this will help you later.

Installing Games and Apps on M.2 SSD Storage

The PlayStation Store allows you to save files to your M.2 SSD. To do this, just go to the home screen and click Settings > Storage > Installation Location.

Follow these procedures to transfer games and applications already loaded on your console storage:

Navigate to your games’ home page and pick Game Library. Select the material you wish to migrate, then tap the Options icon and choose Move Games and Apps.

Go to the Items You Can Move to M.2 SSD Storage page if you’re using both an M.2 SSD and a USB drive. Tick the boxes next to the apps you want to transfer, then hit Move.

Go to the home screen and click Settings > Storage > M.2 SSD Storage to monitor your storage capacity and transfer or remove files from your M.2 SSD.

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Since computer gaming has become significantly larger and more powerful and in-depth, a fresh SSD should eliminate the necessity to regularly erase the titles you already have loaded to make room for the latest ones. Have fun and go play!

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