Adding up a new filter to the Nvidia Freestyle is now easy with the latest update of the Nvidia driver and believe me, you’re going to love it. Over the course of a few years, Nvidia driver software has added many new features and the company is still struggling to make it much better than its previous versions. In fact, some of the feature updates are not identified by many users yet they’re still there on the software. Whereas, back in CES 2018, it was declared to be part of the GeForce Experience and you can easily access it from the overlay using the game filter.

Moreover, the Nvidia Freestyle allows you to apply the post-processing filters while you’re playing a favorite game which is a great deal for gaming enthusiasts. Sadly enough, there is one bad news for you, the post-processing filter can’t be used in all games which means that you have to make sure if your game is supported by it or not and only then you should proceed using it in your title. Regardless of that, it can help you look at your games differently without even getting bothered about changing the built-in settings on your game. This simply means that the Nvidia freestyle is giving you complete freedom for better visuals on your title.

On the other hand, it helps you provide a blue light filter that is applied directly while you start playing the game and also the color blind mode functionality in case your title doesn’t have it.

To impress you, even more, Nvidia freestyle has now added some other amazing features too like the SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination), dynamic depth of field, and SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion). These settings play the role of adding ray tracing to your games and also help in intersecting shadows if you’re more into playing games in a darker environment and cinematic blur. Luckily all of these features that Nvidia Freestyle added, the gaming experience for the user is going to be much better than it was before and you’re going to love the software.

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How To use Nvidia Freestyle?

Nvidia Freestyle

First things first, you need to go download and install the Nvidia freestyle.

Installed? Yes?

Alright, now you can go and open the software, done? Now you can scroll down to general settings and under that select the features in order to make sure the freestyle is ready to kick in.

Nvidia menu

Once you find out that the Freestyle is all set to go, just launch your compatible game, and when the game launches, you can now open the GeForce overlay by pressing ALT+Z or ALT+F3 on your keyboard. That’s it, congrats because now you can easily add filters to your Nvidia Freestyle-supported game and enjoy a whole new gaming experience.

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