A platform of live broadcasting was specially designed for the live streaming of video games and competition of esports. Twitch which is known as the largest platform for steaming in the world was launched in the mid of 2011 by Emmet shear, Michael Seibel, Justin Kan, Kevin li, and Kyle Vogt.

The twitch broadcasts allow the users and players to make audio commentary while sharing a video through a webcam of their computer which will appear on the edge of a screen. However, twitch does not only offers audio commentary and video streaming; twitch also includes broadcasts for music, some extraordinary content along with live streaming of video games.

Twitch is actually a site where video games are broadcasted so that even the viewers can watch the broadcast of video games which was recorded earlier. During the live session of streaming, the viewers are allowed to send messages through the live chat. However, it is up to the broadcasters whether or not they want to respond; whatever they wish.

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Moreover, twitch offers broadcasting services for some amazing and reputable games which are played all over the world and by people of every age. For instance, the mine craft, the league of legends, Apex and so many more to name.

Nonetheless, twitch does not allow children under 13 to use the site: meanwhile, teenagers from 13 to 18 can only have access to the twitch site under the strict supervision of parents or any other guardian. The twitch broadcast site is available for anyone to view or archive some video games on the site but if you want to participate in the live chat or want to broadcast; then you will have to sign up for a membership on the twitch site, which is free though. Twitch has expanded so much over time that now people can even make money with the site and can increase their earnings.

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Bits on twitch

Bits on twitch are some virtual goods or virtual currency which are used to show support to the creators and encourage the players of one’s own choice. The bits are taken as an alternative to the donation or subscription to the site for example if you purchase 100 bits, $ 0.40 will go to the Twitch site and $1 will be given to your favorite creator of yours.

It is just like cheerleading but not physically as it happens rather virtually through the usage of bits. These bits on twitch can also be used when a person wants to participate in a chat that is streaming live with his favorite broadcaster in order to stand unique and grab his attention among the huge crowd.

The bits can be used as a whole, a part of them, or even as a single bit in the live chat in order to cheer as it depends on how many of the bits you have bought.

As the number of bits increases, it keeps on taking a better shape to stand out. The more bits you use: the more support you show. At the moment, the bits can easily be bought on Amazon.com and PayPal payments as well.

In addition, if you show support through bits’ cheers for a channel then in return you may own or earn a chat badge for the respective channel. However the chat badge will not be visible to everyone, it will appear for the channel where you have earned it.

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How to get bits on twitch?

There are many ways to get bits on twitch as it is the largest platform for game and competition live streaming in the world: therefore many of the audience and viewers have their own favorite creators, competitors, and gamers, and to support those people in the live broadcast of games through the twitch, the viewers tend to purchase or find some other means to get some bits so that they can show their affection and encourage their favorite character out there in the gaming platform.

The audience can get a certain number of bits on twitch for free and they can also go ahead to purchase an unlimited number of bits from Amazon as it is the owner of twitch or through PayPal payments as well.

However, to get bits whether you purchase them or want to get them for free: you just have to own an account on twitch.tv site. And while you are trying to get bits make sure you are logged in to your twitch account.

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How to get free bits on twitch?

One of the easiest ways to get bits on twitch for free is to go through some surveys and complete them which will approximately take 15 minutes at the maximum.

The second easiest way to get some free bits is to get bits by watching advertisements that are displayed on the official site of twitch tv. This can be done both on the PC as well as phone gadgets.

However, in order to watch advertisements make sure to turn off the ad blocker on your computer or phone.

1. Once you log in to your twitch account.

2. Go for any stream out there and open the chat window where on the right side of your screen you will see a small purple icon having two triangles that would resemble a diamond.

3. Click on that Icon.

4. Go for the WATCH AD which would be displayed above the PAY TO PURCHASE option.

5. Once done, you will start to watch short advertisements and get 5 to 10 bits for every ad.
Moreover; if you want to watch the ads for twitch tv on your phone.

6. Kindly install the app of twitch.

7. Once it is installed. You can select any of the streamers.

8. Then go to the chatbox of the app and select the bit icon that would be displayed.

9. Once you click on the bit icon: ads would start displaying for you and you will start getting free bits.

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How to buy bits on twitch?

1. Once you have switched your computer on and have logged in to your twitch account.

2. Look for the GET BITS on your screen on the top right side.

3. Once found, click on it.

4. Or you can also press the bit icon which is there in the chatbox of the app.

5. Select BUY and then look for the package of bits that you would want to purchase.

6. Once you click on your desired package; another table will be displayed for you. Where do you have to pay?

7. In order to complete your purchase of the bits: kindly select any methods through which you would want to pay. That could be Amazon, PayPal, or a card.

8. Once selected please click on the CONTINUE option for the review of your item and then select PAY NOW.

9. Once you are done: you will have your purchased package in your account.

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