Is getting a free laptop actually possible? The one simple answer to this is a big yes, you can a laptop for free.

Now the question that arises is how?

A decent laptop from good brands like HP, Dell, Apple, etc costs more than $400 and the limit can go above $1500.

But when you’re out of cash, of course, you’re going to go for a free option and that is the only convenient way of getting a laptop.

Thankfully, I have found many different ways that will help you get your desired laptop. So without making it complex any further, let me break down the tips that you need to follow to get a free laptop.

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Places To Get a Free Laptop?

The above places are just a shadow from where you can get a free laptop. However, below I have mentioned and explained different ways and places where getting a laptop absolutely free without paying a single penny. All you need to do is to fulfill some of the company’s basic requirements and you’re set to go. However, first, let me make one of your doubts first given below:

Can I really get a free laptop or is it just a Scam?

In simple one word, YES! you can get a free laptop and yeah there are some scammers who do everything for their own benefit but I am going to mention the most authentic sources from where many people got laptops for free.

Have you heard about MoneyPantry? If no, it’s a website that offers free stuff to their audience which somehow gives you an idea that yes, there aren’t only scammers out there.

Other than that, there are many other trusted organizations that offer laptops without paying for it or laptops at extremely low prices.

For that you don’t need to do anything crazy, all you need to do is as I mentioned earlier, fill out some kind of form and you’re good to go.

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How to Get a Laptop For Free?

Let’s hop into this, the organizations that I talked about before are finally offering the best laptops completely free and yes some of them offer them at the lowest price possible.

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Anyone can get into that, even the person who is living on the lowest budget, and affording a laptop is the craziest thing for him.

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1. Computers with Causes

Computers with Cause is a company offering laptops at no cost to people in need. They offer laptops to students, common people without a job and no strong financial background, and returning military veterans. I would recommend visiting their website and seeing if you fall in their criteria. Contact them and get your free laptop without much struggle.

Visit: Computers with Causes Application Form.

2. With Cause

It sounds more similar to the previous company at #1 but With cause handles things pretty much differently. People actually donate laptops, computers, phones, and other electronic stuff to With Cause and they basically hand over these electronic devices to the people who are in need of such things and can’t afford them. For a free laptop, I would recommend giving a visit to their website and if you’re actually in need of a laptop, they’ll send a unit to you.

Visit: Ask With Cause.

3. World Computer Exchange

Are you from a developing country? If yes, here you have the good news. The World Computer Exchange offers free laptop units to those who are in need of laptops in developing countries. However, you must best 24 or below 24 years to be eligible for the scheme.

Visit: Apply For World Computer Exchange.

4. The National Cristina Foundation

Here’s another awesome foundation for the needy. The National Cristina Foundation actually collects donated old laptops with old technology from big companies and helps people to fulfill their needs by giving them away to them for a good cause.

Visit: National Cristina Foundation.

5. On It Foundation

This foundation resides in the United States that offer free complimentary laptops to student who is enrolled in K-12, get school lunch for free, go to a public school, and lives in the united states of America. If that is not the case, the Jump On It Foundation which works under The On It Foundation offers good laptops at reduced prices. Check them out.

Visit: On it Foundation.

6. Join an Online College

This is another option for you if you’re more into online universities and you have the opportunity to get a free laptop. These online colleges offer free laptops to the student to new students and it’s actually their way of attracting students. Some universities that offer this package include Full Sail University, St. John’s University, Seton Hill University and there are many others.

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7. local Salvation Army Chapter or Goodwill

Are you financially struggling with everything and always thinking about getting a laptop but never getting a budget to afford it? local Salvation Army Chapter or Goodwill is here to help you out and btw they also offer free gas to the needy on top of that, they can also help people who have no income source.

Visit: local Salvation Army Chapter and Goodwill.

8. PCs for People

PCsforpeople is a great opportunity for you if you’re lying below the poverty rate of 200%. It’s a Microsoft-registered refurbisher that offers free laptops with a copy of activated Windows 10. Also, they offer, low-cost internet if you fall under the category of needy people.

Check out If you’re eligible to the program.

9. Everyone On

For Low-income people, Everyone On has different programs which you can avail of at the moment, and that includes the complimentary laptop, low-cost laptop, and low-cost internet services only if you’re actually eligible for that. Visit them and ask them to help you.

Visit Everyone On.

10. Reward Sites

That’s one of the opportunities that require you to do a little work that is interesting enough. I am talking about playing games, Surveys, Watching videos, etc. You actually earn some cash on these reward websites and use that to get a complimentary laptop. Here’s a whole list of these reward websites.

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11. Craigslist

Here you have no free laptops bragging but somehow it’s close to that. You might have heard about craigslist and that is the place where you can get a laptop that costs almost nothing or comes at low-cost. However, after getting the laptop from a person who wants to get rid of it, you also need to pay for the repairs which isn’t the best option for you if you’re a low-income person in my opinion.

Visit: Craigslist.

12. Look for giveaways on social media

It’s another way I Tracked it down for you. On social media many stores and brands offer giveaways and you don’t need to miss that opportunity. Just stay on high alert by getting more active on the social media platforms like Twitter, search for a tag #laptops giveaway and you’ll find who is offering the giveaways. Apply for the giveaway and do what they’re actually telling you to do and avail yourself of the opportunity of getting a free laptop or other stuff.

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13. Freecycle

Another non-profitable platform where people give and take different stuff to promote the reuse of things. You can even get a free laptop there that people most people offer for the needy. If the laptop isn’t available there, you can simply place a request for a free laptop, and one day or another, you’ll get a laptop from someone you never met.

Visit: Freecycle.

Wrap Up

These are some of the highly recommended and authentic sources I mentioned you can get a free laptop. You also must try to be more authentic while applying for a free laptop and you’ll get a laptop for free, that’s what I can say for now. For more updates, stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more ways of getting a laptop for free. I am expecting feedback from you as your feedback matters a lot and if you have any queries, you’re more than welcome to ask them. Of course, I am always here to answer them for you. Peace!

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