Gaming laptops vs gaming PC has always been a topic that people are never going to stop discussing. Gaming laptops are gaining popularity because of their portability, good build quality, and performance. Whereas the Gaming PC still has better performance overall but gaming laptops can be carried around whenever you want. We’ll compare the two to see which one is best for your money.

If you’re looking for a high-performance laptop that will allow you to play games on high settings then the gaming laptops are for you. The good thing about budget laptops is that they serve their purpose and play games well to a certain degree. Gaming PCs offer more customization, upgradability, and better performance when compared to gaming laptops but you won’t be able to carry it around like a laptop.

If you’re looking for a laptop to play games on, then gaming laptops are the best pick. But if you want better performance and upgradability then you might want to consider building your own Gaming PC (Case, CPU, GPU). If portability is such a big factor for you then consider buying a cheap ultrabook.

Gaming PCs offer better performance and customizable upgradability that gaming laptops cannot offer. Gaming laptops are portable but they won’t be as powerful as a PC.

What Are The Main Differences Between These Two?

The GPU Power Of Gaming PC And Laptop

When you buy a gaming laptop, it gets difficult to upgrade it so you’ll have to stick with your purchase. But if you buy a Gaming PC, then you’ll be able to upgrade it easily and get the best performance to suit your needs.

Gaming laptops use a standard GPU which cannot be changed whereas gaming PCs have a lot of options when it comes to GPUs. You can choose from high-end GPUs like NVIDIA GTX 970 or 1060 but if that’s too expensive for you then you can always go for NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti and AMD RX 470 which are great GPUs that will allow you to play games on high settings.

Choose the GPU that suits your needs because there are different versions of FPS (Frames per second) such as 30, 60, and 120 FPS.

The Price Of PC Components Vs Laptop

The parts of a gaming PC cost more than the components in a gaming laptop because you’re buying individual, replaceable and upgradeable components. You can always go for cheaper alternatives if you want to save some money but if you want the best performance then you might have to spend more.

Building your own Gaming PC requires time and money but you can easily upgrade it when a new GPU or CPU is released and the process only takes a few minutes. Whereas upgrading a gaming laptop is not an easy task and your warranty will be void in case you decide to make changes.

Gaming PCs are more expensive than gaming laptops but they offer better performance even when they’re outdated. You’ll be able to play games on the highest setting without any lag or frame rate drops.

The Portability Of Gaming Laptop And PC

Gaming laptops are portable and you can carry them around wherever you want but they’re not as powerful as a Gaming PC. On the other hand, gaming PCs will allow you to increase your performance when compared to gaming laptops.

You’ll get the same framerate on both Gaming PC and gaming laptops when you play games at 1080p but when you start playing games on 1440P or 4K, then you might have to lower the setting in order to maintain good FPS.

Gaming PCs allow you to increase your FPS by adding more hardware whereas with a Gaming laptop you won’t be able to upgrade your component over time.

With all said and done, it depends on your preference whether you want a Gaming Laptop or a Gaming PC. If portability is the only factor that’s making you lean towards buying a gaming laptop then go for it because you’ll get decent performance but don’t expect to play high-end games at 2k or 4k. On the other hand, Gaming PCs are customizable and upgradable but they won’t be as portable as gaming laptops.

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The reason why people usually buy a gaming laptop is that it’s more portable and they can carry it around wherever they want. Buying a Gaming PC requires research and time but once you have everything set up then it should be smooth sailing from thereon.

If you’re looking for the best performance, upgradability, better customization, and performance then you should buy a gaming PC. But if you want something portable and don’t mind lowering the settings in order to get better performance then go for a Gaming Laptop.

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