As you know multi-purpose Laptops used for gaming, programming, and graphics are considered to be the most expensive laptops. Sometimes the price tag of such laptops touches the peak and today I’ll discuss the best laptops under 2000 dollars with multi-tasking abilities.

The saying “the more you spend the better you get” is not always accurate. Why? Because some times we make the wrong decisions in picking up a regretful device only because of the brand or name. We don’t notice the specs and features it offers. And we pay a high price for nothing.

Sometimes we get our required things at cheap prices as well, all we have to do is look for a perfect match. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to raise your budget as long as you wish to spend up to $2000, this blog would help you discover the best laptops under $2000.

To help you choose the best laptops according to your actual requirements, we have prepared a list of the best $2000 laptops, along with their pros and cons so you can pick the best machine that is perfectly designed for you.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Laptops Under $2000 Budget

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How to Choose the Best Laptop Under $2000?

Appearance and Body

The appearance and body of any laptop are as important as its performance and features. Manufacturers use shapes and designs of the body to enhance reliability, durability, and of course the performance of the laptop.

For example, the plastic body is lighter than the metallic body and is easy to carry anywhere. RGB keyboard LEDs help to operate the laptop in dark rooms functionally. Body shape also matters for the cooling system of laptops.

The better exhaust is the better your laptop performs. As well as your laptop cannot be damaged by heat. Here we are reviewing the best laptops under $2000, and all of them contain such bodies and appearances that are the best fitted with gaming, programming, and any kind of rough multitasking work.


System memory has a really important role to play in performance. No matter how advanced a machine you have, if you reduce the number of RAMs, the system will eventually lag or crash, and you will face a hard time while working. Sometimes it becomes so irritating.

Every generation or model has its own requirement for RAM, so before purchasing, it’s wise to check which RAM the laptop you are buying requires. The laptops we are reviewing here almost all need DDR4 RAM.


The processor is as important as RAM. The processor basically works as an interpreter of the computer’s commands. When you put in any command, the system directs it to the processor and the processor implements it. The faster your processor is the quicker your command can be followed by the computer.

The data transfer rate by the processor is counted as GHz, the more GHz your processor has the faster it can act. Moreover, the speed of the processor also depends on its technology. For example, the i7 processor is better than i5, even if i5 has 5GHz while i7 has half of it, still, i7 is better because i7 is more advanced and faster than i5 technically.


There are two types of storage in computers nowadays. HDD hard drives and SSD hard drives. HDD simply stores the data, while SSD stores the data and also improves the performance and speed of the system. If you want to purchase a laptop for advanced users, you should get one with at least one 128GB SSD hard drive.

Besides, you can use HDD for the rest of the storage as it is cheaper than SSD. In this blog, most of the laptops contain SSD while some have SSD+HDD as well. The reviews and details could help you make the right choice.

Battery Performance and Average Life

At last, the battery is fuel storage. You cannot run a machine without fuel. Advanced machines require advanced batteries. And of course, the more your battery lives the longer you can carry on your work.

Usually, systems consume too much battery while gaming and multitasking depending on the performance of the system. If you want to play high-definition games or have to do a lot of multitasking, first you should look out for the average battery life of the laptop before purchasing.

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Best Laptops Under $2000

1. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop with M2 chip: 13-inch Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB ​​​​​​​SSD ​​​​​​​Storage, Touch Bar, Backlit Keyboard, FaceTime HD Camera. Works with iPhone and iPad
Apple MacBook Pro Laptop with M2 chip: 13-inch Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB ​​​​​​​SSD ​​​​​​​Storage, Touch Bar, Backlit Keyboard, FaceTime HD Camera. Works with iPhone and iPad
CPU speed:4.5GHz with M2 Chip
Storage:512 SSD
Battery Life:20 hours
Operating System:Mac OS


When it comes to the most expensive techs and machines, Apple marks the lead role. But luckily, we found some pearl-like tech of Apple with an enchanting body.

Apple MacBook Pro is something you must consider if you are looking to shop for the best laptop under $2000. As compared to other techs of Apple, the 2019 Apple MacBook Pro seems to be a cheaper one, seeing what it offers.

The M1 chip of Apple boosts the speed and power of the MacBook Pro to the edge of infinite limits, along with its 2.8x CPU performance, 5x the graphics speed, and most advanced Neural Engine of Apple for extraordinary speed of machine learning.

But What should amaze you the most is its battery life. Yes! The battery of the MacBook Pro runs for 20 hours on average use.

2. Razer Blade 15 Base

Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti - 12th Gen Intel 14-Core i9 CPU - 15.6” 4K UHD 144Hz - 32GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD - Windows 11 - CNC Aluminum - Chroma RGB - Thunderbolt 4
Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti - 12th Gen Intel 14-Core i9 CPU - 15.6” 4K UHD 144Hz - 32GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD - Windows 11 - CNC Aluminum - Chroma RGB - Thunderbolt 4
CPU speed:5.0GHz
Storage:512B SSD
Battery Life:5.5 hours
Operating System:Windows 10


If you are a pro gamer and want to try some extraordinary graphics experience, you should consider looking at the Razer Blade 15 laptop. It doesn’t matter if you are running on a low budget, it is cheaper than other gaming laptops.

As well as the Razer Blade 15 stands among the best gaming laptop under $2000. Its magnificent NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 allows you to enjoy the real colors in the digital world.

The powerful machine of the 10th generation of the i7 family along with a 6-Core 5GHz processor provides support for graphical features and performance while multitasking.

16 GB DDR4 Ram maintains the speed of system memory, which is also good while playing multiple games or operating multiple programs.

SSD storage helps to avoid unexpected lags and improves speed. Apart from all these features, Razer Blade 15’s display is something you hardly can find on other cheap laptops.

Its 4k FHD display with massive resolution visualizes the colors as natural. However, its battery life is average as compared to other best gaming laptops.

3. ASUS ZenBook 15

ASUS ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop 15.6” FHD NanoEdge Bezel, Intel Core i7-8565U, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, GeForce GTX 1650, Innovative ScreenPad 2.0, Windows 10 Pro, UX534FT-DB77, Royal Blue
ASUS ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop 15.6” FHD NanoEdge Bezel, Intel Core i7-8565U, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, GeForce GTX 1650, Innovative ScreenPad 2.0, Windows 10 Pro, UX534FT-DB77, Royal Blue
CPU speed:2.6GHz
Storage:512GB SSD+1TB HDD
Battery Life:Windows 10
Operating System:5.5 hours


The techs are improving day by day and evolving into luxuries along with the motive to save time as more as possible. Today, multitasking is an essential part of any kind of work on computers.

The more tiring your work is the faster laptop you need. The touchscreen almost replaced the traditional keyboard and mouse pad. But ASUS ZenBook Ultra offers something from the future techs.

The performance and interface are really good to be counted in the list of the best laptops as it comes as the 10th generation in the i7 family with extraordinary techs and features.

But the amazing part is the screen pad of ZenBook 15 Ultra. The screen pad 2.0 efficiently holds multiple apps in a 5.6” screen to access any app instantly while multitasking.

The high-tech graphics, marvelous speed, and huge storage of more than 1TB make it the best video editing laptop for under $2000.

4. Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i7-9750H, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 15.6" Full HD 144Hz Display, 3ms Response Time, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, RGB Backlit Keyboard
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i7-9750H, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 15.6
CPU speed:4.5GHz
Storage:512GB SSD
Battery Life:Windows 10 Home
Operating System:6 hours


You have checked the best laptops under $2000, but the list doesn’t end here. We brought some more choices for you. If you still cannot afford the price but cannot reduce your requirements as well, Acer Predator Helios 300 should be the one you want to get.

Helios 300 is specifically made for high-resolution action games. But of course, it can play low-visual games better. Helios 300 covers everything you may need while playing.

It is loaded with the GeForce GTX 1660 and FHD 1920x1080p magnificent display to visualize the gaming world as a real one.

To avoid overheating while using laptops for hours, Helios 300 contains 4th-generation 3D fans that cool down the machine while you enjoy playing the game.

Its killer wifi-6 ability can boost the MHz rate up to 3x, battery latency up to 3x while playing games or multitasking, and can improve resolution up to 5x while streaming videos and multitasking at the same time.

Helios 300 comes in the ninth generation of the i7 family, but its magnificent features represent it as a competitor of 10th-generation laptops.

5. Acer Predator 15

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 17.3" Full HD 144Hz 3ms IPS Display, Intel i7-9750H, GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, RGB Backlit Keyboard, PH317-53-79KB
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 17.3
CPU speed:2.6GHz
Memory:16GB DDR4
Storage:512GB SSD+1TB HDD
Battery Life:7 hours
Operating System:Windows 10


The Acer Predator 15 Notebook was planned with intense features and dynamic math. The vivid red accents make a unique special visualization and express enthusiasm and speed.

The supercharger-propelled air exhaust vents seem strong from each point while the red LED light bar shines when the graphic card is working. Its RGB lights keyboard adds some extra fun for gamers who are fond of playing games in dark rooms.

The RGB lights of the keyboard are divided into four zones. What makes the Acer Predator 15 Notebook one of the best laptops under $2000 is its marvelous combination of powerful features and cheap prices.

If you are a pro gamer or programmer Acer Predator 15 is another best choice for you. So hold tight and overwhelm your gaming contest with a powerful processor. With a stellar blend of keen features, the sixth-gen Intel Core i7 processor is adaptable and devastatingly amazing.

Plus, its 1TB additional massive storage allows you to store as many massive games as you want, while 512 GB SSD boosts your system performance and speed.

Predator 15 Notebook also offers the best full HD display on a standard-size screen. Also, you can enjoy using the machine for up to 7 hours without charging.

6. Alienware m15 R7 AMD 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

Alienware m15 R7 AMD 15.6" Gaming Laptop - QHD (2560x1440) 240Hz, AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX, 32GB DDR5, 1TB SSD, RTX 3070Ti, HDMI, Wifi, Webcam, Windows 11
Alienware m15 R7 AMD 15.6
Alienware 17 ANW17-2136SLV 17 Inch Laptop (2.50GHz Intel Core i7 4710HQ processor, 8GB Memory 1TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB GDDR5 Windows 8.1 64-Bit
CPU speed:4.9 GHz
Memory:32 GB
Storage:1TB HDD
Battery Life:5 hours
Operating System:Windows 11 Home


Here is another choice for big-screen lovers who want to dive into the colorful ocean while enjoying the operating system. Alienware m15 R7 is specifically made for high-visual game lovers.

Its 15.6” screen size and FHD dazzling display highlight minor details. The advantage of the big screen is especially for those who love to play extreme graphic games. The support of a 2560×1440 pixels resolution display makes a visible difference.

Alienware m15 R7 AMD Notebook comes in the latest generation of the Ryzen 9 family with AMD Ryzen 6000 series processor, but it contains many features especially gaming features that are only available in advanced systems.

The best thing is the machine has a good cooling system with copper heat pipes that are set on GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti graphics. In a comparison with Alienware laptops, we can say that Alienware m15 R7 has the highest graphics, and it also contains many CPU options for optimum performance.

However, Alienware m15 R7 AMD Notebook lacks an SSD hard drive and contains DDR5 Ram, which inevitably impacts its performance as compared to other gaming laptops. But yet it stands among the best laptops under $2000. If you want to have extreme features at a minimal price, you may review this product.

7. Dell Inspiron 15 7000

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 7506 2-in-1 Laptop 15.6" FHD Touchscreen 11th Generation Intel Quad-Core i5-1135G7 32GB RAM 1TB SSD Backlit Keyboard Fingerprint Reader Thunderbolt HDMI Win11 Silver + Pen
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 7506 2-in-1 Laptop 15.6
CPU speed:3.8GHz
Storage:512GB SSD
Battery Life:Windows 10 Pro
Operating System:9 hours


To the extent gaming laptops can go, the Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming is moderately unobtrusive in its appearance. Notwithstanding its ‘tense’ red and dark shading plan, experts or understudies, everyone can discover comfort in its restrained looks contrasted with those in Dell’s Alienware setup.

There’s no indication of a pretentious, extraterrestrial mascot or adjustable RGB ‘FX’. Any individual who requests something like that from their PC should turn somewhere else.

All things being equal, the Inspiron 15 Gaming flaunts a matte dark completion, with the alternative of ‘Beijing Red’ for anybody particularly defenseless to the Dell-meets-Spider-Man: Homecoming promoting group up.

In any case, the Inspiron 15 Gaming’s downplayed style works in its support. Dell even went to the extent that making the ventilation look refined and the pivot seems stylish, a great accomplishment thinking about its measurements.

If we talk about performance, it cannot be left behind when it comes to counting the best laptops under $2000. Apparently, the price is so cheaper for the i7 seventh-generation laptop with exclusive features inside.

Its marvelous display outruns many other gaming laptops with its ultra-high display of 4k. And besides everything, what you must find adorable is its long battery life of 9 hours without putting on charge.

To sum up, Dell inspiration 15 is one of the best choices if you are looking for a laptop for your high intense gaming experience.

8. Razer Blade 15 Slim

Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop 2019: Intel Core i7-9750H 6 Core, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, 15.6" FHD 1080p 144Hz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, CNC Aluminum, Chroma RGB Lighting, Thunderbolt 3
Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop 2019: Intel Core i7-9750H 6 Core, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, 15.6
CPU speed:2.2GHz
Storage:128GB SSD+1TB HDD
Battery Life:6 hours
Operating System:Windows 10 Home


Another marvelous choice of Razer Blade 15 is for gamers who want to acquire the peak of their passion. The Razer Blade is one of the littlest 15.6″ gaming PCs, finding some kind of harmony of force and transportability.

It has been upgraded to offer more storage and speed in the exactness-created CNC aluminum skeleton. The close bezels 15.6″ Full HD show extends edge-to-edge and is manufacturing plant adjusted for exactness, while the eighth-generation Intel Core i7 6-Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q plan designs convey astonishing execution and edge rates.

The 15.6″ FHD display is for exactness and is flanked by class-driving 4.9mm slim bezels. Processed out of a strong aluminum block, the Razer Blade 15 conveys a slight and durable frame, with the most minimized impression in its group.

Controlled by the eighth-gen Intel Core i7-8750H 6-Core processor, the Razer Blade is prepared for uber-entrusting jobs all the while playing games, streaming FHD videos, and recording the project’s ongoing interaction.

Appreciate the speed of a 128GB SSD and the storage limit of a 1TB HDD, for enormous capacity and responsive execution.

Play the most recent games at stunning casing rates driven by the VR-Ready NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 illustrations with a Max-Q plan and 6GB of video memory.

Utilize the most recent innovative applications to alter, render, and transcode recordings rapidly.

The Razer Blade 15’s exterior design and combination of powerful features make it the best gaming laptop as well as the best video editing laptop under 2000.

9. LG Gram 17

LG Gram 17Z90N Laptop 17" IPS Ultra-Lightweight, (2560 x 1600), 10th Gen Intel Core i7 , 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Windows 10 Home, 17 Hour Battery, USB-C, HDMI, Headphone Input - Silver
LG Gram 17Z90N Laptop 17
CPU speed:3.9GHz
Storage:1TB SSD
Battery Life:17 hours
Operating System:Windows 10 Home


With an adorable and enchanting appearance with a slim body and lighter weight LG Gram laptop has its own class among the best laptops under $2000.

The tenth Gen Intel Core i7 (1065G7) processor controls undeniable level 4K substance creation, speedy utilization of video channels, high-goal photograph altering, and, obviously, 1080p gaming. One connectivity and lightning-quick exchange speeds.

With Thunderbolt 3, you can multitask too smoothly. the data transfer speed is up to 40 Gbps and it contains a majestic display of 5K video. It is completely flexible in one port.

Moreover, the LG Gram laptop comes with a biometric security system. Effectively and safely secure your data rather than entering a password key.

LG gram’s unique finger impression makes it simple for you to boot up and sign in immediately. Essentially contact the force catch to log in or stir your PC from rest mode. LG Gram also contains the four-division RGB lights keyboard, which can help you see the keys accurately both day and night times.

Specifically, the combination of LG Gram’s features tells you the laptop is good for gaming, best for video editing, and of course multitasking. Its 17 hours of battery life is something that fills up the remaining gap and makes it one of a kind among the best laptops under $2000.

10. Acer Spin 5

Acer Spin 5 Convertible Laptop, 13.5" 2K 2256 x 1504 IPS Touch, 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7, 16GB LPDDR4X, 512GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, Backlit KB, FPR, Rechargeable Active Stylus, SP513-54N-74V2
Acer Spin 5 Convertible Laptop, 13.5
CPU speed:3.9GHz
Storage:512GB SSD
Battery Life:15 hours
Operating System:Windows 10 Home


Too cheap in prices and too fair incompatibility. The Acer Spin 5 comes in the 10th generation of the i7 family. As compared to the other best laptops under $2000, Acer Spin has nothing to be excluded from the list of the bests.

DDR4 Ram, SSD storage, and VertiView display are enough to make it your choice. But yet we should dig a little deeper.

Acer Spin is really adaptable, looks stunning and you can carry it anywhere. At simply 2.65 lbs., this smooth PC with the cool magnesium-aluminum composite plan allows you to work and play in style, while the 360° Dual-Torque Hinge gives four distinct modes for you to appreciate.

Designed by Acer and Intel, the Spin 5 highlights a tenth Gen Intel Core i7 processor and coordinated Intel Wi-Fi 6, the Spin 5 opens more prospects than at any other time in recent memory—by means of execution, storage, and entertainment.

What makes Acer Spin prominent among these 10 best laptops is its screen-expanding feature. With its 0.3-inch limited L/R bezels, and a noteworthy 80% screen-to-body proportion, you will get an extra 18% more screenland to work with on its 13.5″ VertiView IPS visual with 2K (2256×1540) resolution and 3:2 viewpoint proportion with Corning Gorilla Glass assurance.

Along with these marvelous features, what could blow your mind is its super-fast charging dock. The Stylus dock protects it from loss and furthermore goes about as a charger, with only 15 seconds in the dock offering as long as an hour and a half of use.

With all these features, we can conclude that Acer Spin is not only compatible with games, but it is also good for multitasking, and programming as well as the best video editing laptop for under 2000 dollars.

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Final Verdict

These ten are some of the best laptops under $2000 according to our research and calculation. Except few of them, the basic components such as RAM, Processor, and Graphics of these best laptops under $2000 are almost the same. But they all are unique in their special features, appearances, and their uses. Before making a purchase, you should check which one is the most compatible with your work.

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