If you own a gaming laptop or planning to invest in one, then it is not very uncommon to ask “are gaming laptops good for everyday use?”. If you are one of those who are wondering if they can use that beast for routine work such as business meetings or making presentations if you’re a student, then you have landed on the right page.

We know gaming laptops are very powerful and this is exactly why they can run the titles like COD, and GTA V without any lag. Try that on your normal laptop and you’ll want to throw it out of your window after half an hour of playing.

Today we’re going to discuss if they’re as good for regular use such as writing essays, making presentations, or just surfing the internet.

Before we conclude anything, let’s have a look at their differences.

What Separates a Gaming Laptop from a Regular Laptop?

The primary distinction between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop is its appearance, which can help you differentiate between the both at a glance. This does not imply that the specs are all exactly the same, though. The gaming laptops offer the specs that will give a better gaming experience.

So, what are the differences?

Gaming LaptopRegular Laptop
AppearanceThicker and visibly strongerSleek and Stylish
ProcessorHigh-performing CPUs with several cores and faster processing rates are seen in gaming laptopsIn comparison to a gaming laptop, a regular laptop has fewer cores
RAMUsually offers 8-16 GB RAMUsually offers 4-8 GB RAM
Cooling System Numerous exhaust fans are installed in gaming laptops to help offset the excess heat produced by the device. (Overheating is still an issue here, as cooling takes time)Regular laptops lack such sophisticated cooling mechanisms. Ordinary laptops often have just one fan
GPUIn order to support graphics-intensive tasks, gaming laptops typically use Nvidia Geforce or other top-tier GPUsRegular laptops include an incorporated GPU in the CPU
Battery LifeBattery life is usually shorter due to higher performanceBattery life is better as compared to a gaming laptop
KeyboardsAesthetic with RGB lights, and stronger keys to handle a gamer’s stressThey may or may not have RGB lights, but the keys are delicate which is good for typing
Screen SizeUsually a larger screen, about 16 inches or aboveUsually comes with a smaller screen, about 13 inches and only a few have screens larger than 15 inches
Sound SystemLouder speakersAverage speakers
DurabilityDepends on the way it is handled. However, it is usually more durable
due to its stronger build
Depends on the way it is handled. However, it is usually less durable than a gaming laptop

From the table above, you can easily decide whether a gaming laptop suits you or not. However, if you still need a bit of advice, continue reading till the end:

Are Gaming Laptops Good for Everyday Use?

To answer this, we have to consider what you called ‘everyday use as it is different from individual to individual. For students, this means writing assignments while for YouTubers, everyday use means editing videos for their channel.

A gaming laptop is an excellent option if you’re seeking a device that can perform demanding jobs like content creation or gaming. High-performance visuals and faster processors are features that gaming laptops are built to offer. This does have a cost, though. Gaming laptops might cost more money, weigh more, and be bulkier than regular ones.

A normal laptop is a wiser choice if you’re searching for a computer to use for daily duties like web surfing, emails, and watching Netflix. Compared to gaming laptops, regular laptops are generally cheaper, sleeker, and lighter. They might not be able to tackle hard jobs as they are not as robust as gaming laptops.

Battery life also needs a thought here. A gaming laptop drains the battery much faster than a regular one because a device with higher performance and improved visuals will always need more juice. So, if you can access your charger at all times, then it’s not a major problem for you but if you travel a lot (or have to face load shedding often) then I would want you to think for a moment.

Let’s talk about how gaming laptops will perform for different groups of people.

Gaming Laptops for Editors and Creators (YouTubers and Influencers)

Gaming laptops are a wonderful choice for daily use if your job necessitates graphically demanding editing and media applications.

Whoever wants a laptop for such activities can use this one because it is made for these kinds of tasks and performs flawlessly.

Gaming Laptops for Writers and Bloggers

If you’re a writer and looking for a laptop to type your 50,000-word long novels on it, or if you have to write content for your blog daily then I would suggest you stay away from a gaming laptop.

Why? Because the keyboard built in these laptops is made with keeping a gamer’s aggressive hand when playing games in mind, and not a writer’s delicate, fast-typing fingers.

Gaming Laptops for Students

Are you a professional or a student who is curious about the suitability of gaming laptops for the workplace? Let me then inform you that the answer to this subject is a Big  No, and here’s why:

These computers are large, drain their batteries quickly, and are difficult to carry to and from school and the workplace. They also cost a lot of money.

So take into account purchasing a less expensive option that functions well for products like PowerPoint and Word, and which is portable and compact.

Gaming Laptops for Freelancers

Freelancers refer to a vast majority of people who prefer working from home whether there’s a pandemic or not.

In this case, the answer totally depends on the type of skill you offer.

If your skill demands better graphics and display, such as video editing, which is a demanding task and quite challenging for most devices, then a gaming laptop is for you.

But, if your skill requires typing-related work, such as content writing, copywriting, or coding, then I would suggest you get yourself a business laptop rather than a gaming one.

Gaming Laptops for Travelers

If you are among the hyper-energetic folks that can’t stick to one place and constantly travel from one station to another, trust me when I say a gaming laptop is not for you.

Its heaviness and shorter battery life will for sure affect your traveling experiences and will almost always become a headache for you.

For you, a sleek and lightweight laptop with a huge battery life will be an ideal one. Keep in mind that there are laptops with up to 3 days of battery life on the market.

Find laptops with the best battery life here.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that despite having higher performance, better graphics, and louder speakers, a gaming laptop might not be suitable for some due to its heavier build, heating issues, and shorter battery life.

To decide whether a gaming laptop is good for everyday use or not, we must take a glance at what our ‘everyday’ use is, and whether the pros and cons of a gaming device interfere with that work in any way.

If you decide that a gaming laptop is not for you, but you love its performance anyways, don’t get upset because there are business laptops with up to 16 GB RAM and Processors such as Intel Core i7 and even Core i9.

If you’ve got money in your pocket, even a regular laptop can act as a beast for you 😉

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